Nadin Heé has published her article, ‘Transimperial Opportunities? Transcending the Nation in Imperial Formations’, in Claire Louise Blaser, Monique Ligtenberg and Josephine Selander (eds.), Transimperial Histories of Knowledge: Exchange and Collaboration from the Margins of Imperial Europe [Comparativ, Jg. 31, H. 5/6 (2022)], pp. 631–638.


Nadin Heé and Daniel Hedinger participated as speakers in the Pierre du Bois Annual Conference 2022, ‘Modern Transimperial and Interimperial Histories: Forms, Questions, Prospects’ (The Graduate Institute Geneva, 12–14 May 2022). Heé gave a presentation entitled ‘Materiality, Space, and Time in Transimperial Histories’ and Hedinger presented his paper entitled ‘The Second World War: A Transimperial History?’ on 12 and 13 May, respectively.


On 1 April 2022, Satoshi Mizutani was invited to a session of the Trans/Anti-Imperialism Working Group Read and Discuss Workshop (the World History Center, Department of History, University of Pittsburgh [held on Zoom]). The group discussed his unpublished paper, ‘Indians and Koreans in Crosscolonial Solidarity’.


Nadin Heé, a co-organiser of STIH, joined Osaka University as Professor in July 2021.