• We are delighted to publish the very first issue of our CTH Newsletter.

    The full text is available here [PDF].

  • CTH is delighted to announce that it will soon hold the very first session of its ‘Meet the Author Series’. Our first ‘author’ is Samuël Coghe, and we will discuss his new book, Population Politics in the Tropics: Demography, Health and Transimperialism in Colonial Angola (Cambridge University Press, 2022).

    You can register here.

  • Nadin Heé has published her article, ‘Transimperial Opportunities? Transcending the Nation in Imperial Formations’, in Claire Louise Blaser, Monique Ligtenberg and Josephine Selander (eds.), Transimperial Histories of Knowledge: Exchange and Collaboration from the Margins of Imperial Europe [Comparativ, Jg. 31, H. 5/6 (2022)], pp. 631–638.

  • Nadin Heé and Daniel Hedinger participated as speakers in the Pierre du Bois Annual Conference 2022, ‘Modern Transimperial and Interimperial Histories: Forms, Questions, Prospects’ (The Graduate Institute Geneva, 12–14 May 2022). Heé gave a presentation entitled ‘Materiality, Space, and Time in Transimperial Histories’ and Hedinger presented his paper entitled ‘The Second World War: A Transimperial History?’ on 12 and 13 May, respectively.

  • On 1 April 2022, Satoshi Mizutani was invited to a session of the Trans/Anti-Imperialism Working Group Read and Discuss Workshop (the World History Center, Department of History, University of Pittsburgh [held on Zoom]). The group discussed his unpublished paper, ‘Indians and Koreans in Crosscolonial Solidarity’.